NEW: Communicate with customers from your status page with the all-new Intercom addon.

Beautiful status pages are finally here.

Finally, an easier way to create awesome status pages. Oh, and did we mention it's free?

Automated Monitoring

Why would you want to manually let your visitors know about downtime? We'll automatically monitor your sites and if they go down, we'll keep your user in the loop.

Incident Reporting

Need to keep your users up to date with your site? Easily publish new incidents to your status page so everyone always knows what's going on.

Email Alerts

Whenever one of your sites go down, we'll let you know right away via email. Additionally, we'll let your subscribers know when you post new incidents.

We work well with others. (Coming Soon)

Make the most out of your status page by adding integrations that add special functionality.

SSL Protection

Don't worry about having an insecure status page. We provide free SSL protection so your status page will have https, site wide.


Need to customize your status page and make it your own? No problem! Simply add the code you need and hit publish.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are a large source of site traffic. Your status page will be 100% mobile friendly, making it look good on both mobile and desktop.

Custom Domain

Looking to display your status page on a domain you own? Easily connect your domain to your status page to make it easier to access.

How much does this cost?

We're dedicated to making status pages amazing. Sunset is 100% free, making it affordable to create a stunning status page in seconds. Why would you pay for a status page?

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